Pink Zebra Team Spoonful of Sprinkles Consultant of the Week!

I’ve decided to do a post each week highlighting consultants on my team. Very excited about this series because it will give you a glimpse into the team you’ll be a part of if you decide to join and it will also give you an awesome person to join under! I love supporting my team and helping them grow their business so if you’d like you can join under the consultant of the week and have access to two sponsors instead of one! I’ll still be here to help you along the way. :) The Pink Zebra Team Spoonful of Sprinkles Consultant of the Week is Jenn Norris!

Jenn Norris has been on my team almost from the beginning.

She and I went to college together prior to Pink Zebra and it has been amazing to reconnect. She is so full of life, has a big heart, she’s hilarious & very fun to be around. She fell in love with Pink Zebra as soon as she heard about the opportunity. Ground Floor spoke volumes to her and, like me, she signed without ever seeing the products. She has the largest individual downline on my team to date with a team of 34!! Her business took off quickly and she is currently very close to becoming the first manager on my team!

Jenn is very organized in every aspect of life and her Pink Zebra business is no exception. I’m honored to have her on my team. In just a few months she has a strong downline, rocks the sales & is a great leader. Her team rocks!! Check her out on Facebook to get to know her more! You can also connect with her on Twitter @PinkZebraJenn.

Look for glimpses into more consultants each week! To join my team under Jenn simply click here - you won’t regret it! She’ll give you the support you want whether you want to join for personal discounts or to make this your full-time job, let us help!


New Fall Products for Pink Zebra

Pink Zebra Fall Products

I just got my first order in of the new fall products for Pink Zebra and wow!!! I saw and smelled everything at reunion but it’s all better than I remembered! The new fall line is amazing! Amazing! I am so excited to be a part of something so huge and innovative!

If you haven’t checked out our online catalog it is a must see!! If you want samples please know I’m happy to send them to you for free! I love sharing our products!


My favorite new Pink Zebra products are the Pumpkin Twig shade, the Ceramic Owl Shade and the Orange Liner for simmering lights.

My favorite fragrances for Sprinkles are Pumpkin Bread, Cranberry Shortbread Cookie & orange Slices.

I truly love all 12 of the new fragrances though! They’re spot on to the scent they’re named after and amazingly strong as always. Sprinkles make me smile.

I also got one of the wood grain glimmer candle kits with the pink wood wick!! It is soooo cool & cutting edge design!

This beautiful wood grain glass is perfect for you to fill with whatever Pink Zebra Sprinkles you want! You can later them, mix them or just do one fragrance! Endless possibilities! The coolest thing is, when you light the wick you can hear a little crackle from the wood!

I am all in with Pink Zebra! I’ve never been a part of such an incredible opportunity and I feel so blessed to have found it!


Find Your Recipe ~ Coffee & more ~ Pink Zebra Sprinkles

Recipes for Pink Zebra Sprinkles

Find your recipe with my Find Your Recipe series. I also have a Find Your Fragrance series. In each series I describe the scents you’ll be getting when you try those Sprinkles.

Spiced Coffee: This is a blend of equal parts Coffee Buzz & Cinnamon Spice Sprinkles. It is a nice coffee scent with a touch of cinnamon red hots. This combination is a great option for school fundraisers when the school colors are red and black. Smells so warm and inviting!


Vanilla Latte: Combine equal parts of Coffee Buzz Sprinkles with Vanilla Crème Sprinkles. Vanilla Latte is an awesome recipe. The vanilla really tones down the strong gourmet coffee fragrance and will leave you with the feeling of being in your favorite coffee shop.


Apple Cider: Combine equal parts of Farm House Cider Sprinkles and Red Delicious Apple Sprinkles. These two both smell awesome alone and amazing when combined. The Farm House Cider reminds me of craft stores at the mall, that warm, spice fragrance that you smell when you walk in is similar to this. The Red Delicious Apple smells like you’ve just peeled an apple. Combined they will give you the fragrance of fresh warm apple cider.


Mocha Latte: Combine equal parts of Coffee Buzz, Cake Batter and Vanilla Crème Pink Zebra Sprinkles. This fragrance will be similar to the Vanilla Latte with a little bit of a sweeter kick. Again, the coffee fragrance is very gourmet.


S’mores: Combine Equal Parts of Vanilla Crème, Spiced Vanilla, Sugar Cookie Sprinkles and add just a touch of Light My Fire Sprinkles (different than pictured). This fragrance will take you back to sitting around the campfire enjoying yummy S’mores.


Spiced Orange: Combine equal parts of Orange Dreamsicle, Apricot Ginger & Spiced Vanilla Sprinkles. This will smell like a sweet orange spice desert. The citrus fragrances and the warm Spiced Vanilla combine beautifully.


Pink Zebra Sprinkles!

I’m in an Ultimate Blog Challenge through Facebook which basically means I have committed to posting a blog post daily. In doing this, I haven’t been posting about Pink Zebra as often because the challenge isn’t supposed to be all about my business or product. However! It has been too long since I’ve blogged about Pink Zebra Sprinkles. I decided I’d do an extra post today (not included in the challenge) just about that. Afterall, they are my favorite thing. :)

Pink Zebra Sprinkles are becoming a very popular way to fragrance your home.

They’re eco-friendly, soy wax bits that you can melt in any warmer. The great thing about them is that it takes just a small amount (a sprinkle) to fill your room with fragrance! I just started selling for Pink Zebra in Dec. after 4 months I had promoted to manager and today I have a team of 64! It has taken off so much faster than I ever expected (and I’m a dreamer!) While I had high expectations and high hopes I truly thought it would take longer than 6 months to get where I am.

If you’re reading this and currently selling something but having a hard time growing your team, then Pink Zebra is for you. I have so many consultants on my team who used to sell something else and failed. They were all hesitant to try again but truly have discovered they’re good at this! They were just trying the wrong product at the wrong time. You don’t have to be a salesman to sell Pink Zebra. I’m definitely not a salesman, I simply get the products into the hands of friends/family/facebook contacts and let the Sprinkles speak for themselves. Pink Zebra Sprinkles truly sell themselves! I’ve had orders from samples I’ve passed out, orders from friends of friends who melt them in their home and orders from complete strangers who simply want to try them and have come across my blog.

Vine Video!

On the other hand, if you’re reading this and have never tried to sell anything, Pink Zebra is for you! This is the best time to try direct sales! Pink Zebra is in the ground floor stages. Getting in early now means you’re joining BEFORE the tens of thousands join instead of WITH them. They can end up under you which will increase your paycheck & your fun! I love my team and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know new friends and connecting with old friends.

Pink Zebra Sprinkles are my new favorite thing. I’d love to share them with you! Message me or comment below for free samples. We have 51 fragrances! What are you waiting for?!

What Can You Expect from Me as Your Sponsor with Pink Zebra?

How to Find a Pink Zebra Consultant…

So…what can you expect from me as your sponsor? This is a question I’m often asked and I’m glad! I love sharing what I can bring to the table. ;) I’m thrilled to answer that with this post and if you have further questions, please email me or comment below.

I love being a manager and leading my team with Pink Zebra and truly feel like I’m the right fit for you.

Why would I say that when we haven’t even met? Because I’ll listen to you, your goals, your reasons for working the business and give you individual support that fits your needs.

Pink Zebra has provided the opportunity and amazing Sprinkles, let me provide the training and support to help you reach your goals. I have training and tips already in place and ever-growing/changing to help you get off to a strong start and find success in this business. I like to think outside the box and can help you do so as well. :)

To join my team click here. In six months my downline has grown from zero to fifty-four! I say that, not because I think numbers are everything, hear my heart on this…I think each number represents someone who has decided to make a difference in his/her life with Pink Zebra. I love it that 54 people have joined me in this opportunity. I love knowing that people truly can reach their dreams with this company because we’re at a ground floor level. Thousands more will join and if they join under you that simply means more income for you! It’s not all about the numbers and trust me when I say you’ll be more than a number if you join my team. You’ll be someone I communicate with and work with and help train as much or as little as you prefer. I’m here for you, to help you reach your goals and (not to sound cliché because I mean this) maybe even see your dreams come true. You know, so many dream about being the one who found ‘that’ company back when it was new before everyone had heard of it and already had a consultant? That could be you with Pink Zebra. Now is the time, let’s Sprinkle! :) UPDATE 11/11/13 in just under 11 months there are now over 140 on my team. This is great news for you because it shows you just how fast this can take off!! Let me show you the ropes!

Don’t forget!! Tomorrow, 6/30/13 is the last day to get the discount on enrollment for June! For just $74  you can join my team where you’ll find some of the best support around! I’m here for you & your downline, or people who sign up under you (should you choose to build one). You can work this business as little or as much as you want and I’m here to support you reach your goals.


In addition to the enrollment discount being given by the company I’m also entering everyone who joins my downline in June into a drawing for $74 of FREE products or supplies! You can use this now to help get your business off to a quick start or you can save it and use it in the Fall to get new products & catalogs! I don’t offer specials like this often, it’s a celebration of my promotion to manager in May. I’m taking part of the bonus that I received from it & giving back to help those just getting started. I love to be generous when I can, truly making more with Pink Zebra so we can give more as a family. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Find Your Recipe ~ Fruity ~ Pink Zebra Sprinkles

This post will help you Find Your Recipe using fruity Pink Zebra Sprinkles.

One of my favorite fruity recipes is very similar to a candy almost everyone loves so I’ve decided to name this recipe Sprittles to combine Sprinkles and the candy’s name. ;)

Sprittles is equal parts of the following Pink Zebra Sprinkles: Totes Cherry, Tahitian Lime, Orange Dreamsicle, Green Tea & Lemongrass & Grape Popsicle.

You’ll only need to use a small amount of each Sprinkle because there are five different fragrances to be used. This is always a hit at my parties! The kids love it and customers are surprised that of smells just like the candy! Be sure you don’t put too much lemon or lime in, the citrus can overpower the other fragrances so if anything maybe use a touch less of those two. Hopefully you’re loving these tips to help you find your recipe!

Gummy Sprinks: this is named by my daughter. She and her friend were playing in the garage. I had a warmer going in the far corner of the opposite side of the house and when my daughter opened the door they could smell the Sprinkles! Her friend said, “Hey!! Who is eating gummy candy?!”

My daughter agreed that they did smell just like it but replied, “It’s my moms Sprinkles.” So we came up with this name. :)

Diva Margarita: Our Tahitian Lime Sprinkles are a strong lime with a hint of salt around the rim. :) When mixed with Fresh Raspberry Sprinkles it turns it into a diva margarita! Equal parts of each fragrance and you’re all set!


Gummy Sprinks: equal parts of I ❤ Watermelon & Totes Cherry Sprinkles. Simple and delicious! It’s a very fruity & refreshing fragrance!

Amaretto Dream: Mmm! This is one of my favorite fruity recipes! It is a fantastic mixture of sweet and citrus! It is just perfect and beautiful too (if you need something Springy for a gift). To create it mix equal parts of Amaretto Cream, Orange Dreamsicle & Apricot Ginger. It is amazing!!

I hope this helps you find your recipe! If you didn’t Find Your Recipe Message me for a free recipe sample do you can try before you buy & find the recipe that fits you!

Pink Zebra Candles! Use Glimmer Kits to Make Candles out of Sprinkles!

Pink Zebra Glimmer Kit Candles are awesome because they’re made from Sprinkles!

You can make a solid colored candle or multi-colored! You can layer the Sprinkles or mix them all up. The candle can be half and half or a layered look with 3, 5, 8…however many different scents you want to use! Endless possibilities!



Pink Zebra Sprinkles were made to be mixed and there’s no better way to mix them than by putting them in one of our many glimmer kits.

We have several options available but first I guess I should explain what Glimmer Kits are! ;)

Glimmer Kits come with glass jars and wicks that you can use to create your own candle. The jars come in different shapes and sizes.

You can get the Renaissance Glimmer Kit and it is a decorative glass jar (large jar pictured above) with three wicks. The jar is large enough to hold two full jars of Sprinkles. This is a great size for mixing 3 or more fragrances because your layers can be a good size for each fragrance without running out of room. Tilt the jar as you fill it for a slanted layered look or keep it flat to have straight layers. When you layer Pink Zebra Sprinkles, you’ll find that you’ll get one fragrance at a time filling your room rather than the new fragrance created by recipes. However, as one layer melts into another those two scents will combine for a few hours so you’ll want to still make sure you choose complementary fragrances. To get the new scent created by a recipe of Sprinkles you can shake the Sprinkles all together and then fill the Renaissance container.

We also have petite Glimmer Kits for you to fill with Sprinkles and create Pink Zebra candles. Each Petite Glimmer Kit comes with six small jars & 6 wicks. Each jar holds 1/2 a jar of Sprinkles. You can still mix or layer different fragrances!

We have a variety of Petite Glimmer Kits. The Princess Petite Glimmer Kit is pictured above with the shaken mixture of red, white and blue Sprinkles. (Blueberry Muffin, Cinnamon Spice & Vanilla Creme) We also have a set of Martini Petite glass containers, they are in the shape of Martini glasses. Our Coffee Mug Petite containers are adorable and in the shape of a coffee mug. We also have Petite Brandy glass containers as well.


The Petite Glimmer Kits are perfect for party favors or small gifts!

Our wicks are specially formulated to work best with our Sprinkles. You’ll get a nice, even melt compared to melting just down the center if you use another wick. (I’ve tested this.)

Whatever you choose you’ll enjoy the light fragrance from the glimmer kits! Best if used in an enclosed room as they will fill it with fragrance but may not fill an entire level as they would if you were melting in a simmer pot. Perfect for your bathroom or bedroom!



The burn time is 14-16 hours for the Petite Glimmer Kits and 56-60 hours for the Renaissance Glimmer Kit. Be sure to check out my Find Your Recipe series for ideas of what scents mix well!



Find Your Recipe ~ Fresh Scent ~ Pink Zebra Sprinkles Recipes

Pink Zebra Recipes

In this Find Your Recipe series I’ll share some fresh fragrances you can create by mixing Pink Zebra Sprinkles. The goal is that you can find your recipe, the one that works for you or catches your attention.

Spa Day: Mix equal parts of Relax Pink Zebra Sprinkles & Turquoise Waters Sprinkles. This fragrance is a very clean, fresh scent. Although, it doesn’t have a ‘clean laundry soap’ smell like the Stone Washed Denim Sprinkles do, it does just smell like fresh linens or a nice fabric softener. It’s a great fragrance as you’re looking to find your recipe for summer.

Lavender Spa: Mix equal parts Relax Sprinkles and Stress Relief Sprinkles. This is a perfect recipe to give as gifts. Everyone could use a little stress relief and relaxation. These two names offer a wide variety of a play on words. You can really make some cute notes to go with it and the receiver is sure to love this fresh fragrance with a touch of mint. The Relax Sprinkles are lavender vanilla (the lavender is really toned down by the vanilla and well-balanced). The Stress Relief Sprinkles are a mixture of eucalyptus and mint and a wonderful fragrance to compliment the Relax.


Denim Girl: Mix equal parts of Stone Washed Denim Sprinkles with Sweet Pea & Lilly Sprinkles. This combination is perfectly sweet and fresh. It has a clean & soft tone to it as the Sweet Pea softens the Stone Washed Denim.942047_10200738172953315_422240383_n

Relaxing Rain: Mix equal parts of Relax Sprinkles with Gentle Rain Sprinkles. The Relax Sprinkles add a touch of sophistication and freshness to the mild scent of the Gentle Rain. This is a great way to help bring out the rain fragrance in the Gentle Rain.

Cinderella: Mix equal parts of Sugar Cookie, Turquoise Waters & Stress Relief Sprinkles. This fresh fragrance has a touch of sweetness. The three fragrances really blend well together and give you the class and sweetness of Cinderella.943423_461863813892194_1437064591_n

Hopefully you can find your recipe here! If not, stay tuned for more types of recipes including fruity, floral and spice!

Enrollment Special for Pink Zebra in June

There is an enrollment special for Pink Zebra going on the entire month of June!

You can join Pink Zebra for just $74 plus tax/shipping!!!! That’s a great deal, in fact, that’s the deal I signed with several months ago. They had me at “Sprinkle” – I love the Pink Zebra Sprinkles – but then when I found out there was a discount going on, I couldn’t wait to join.

I haven’t regretted my decision to join for one second! Now, I’m a dreamer. Anyone who knows me knows this is true. So I signed on with big plans to grow my team, have great sales and a big commission check each month. I totally believed it would happen at least a year from signing. Little did I know that three months in I would have accomplished those goals! Now 6 months in I can tell you this: Pink Zebra is the way to go. I have a larger team than I ever imagined, easier sales than I pictured and my paycheck, well, it’s pretty sweet & growing!

You can do this!!! How do I know? Because if I can, you can! You don’t need experience, you barely have any start-up costs & the products are simply so amazing they’ll literally sell themselves when you get them in the hands of people. I’ll help you get started and be there when you need me. I’m not all about numbers and having the highest number of recruits but I do realize that each number is a life that could possibly be changed by Pink Zebra. So while it’s not all about the numbers, it is a little bit because I like to make a difference and introducing you to Pink Zebra truly could be make a huge difference for you. Maybe you want to be able to pay for groceries each month, or a car payment. Maybe your goal is to build up your savings or pay off a credit card. Maybe you want to give more. Perhaps your goal is to simply save on the Pink Zebra products you’re already buying! Whatever your goal…you can get there with Pink Zebra. Seventy-Four dollars can get you started.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, a salesman, a master in the art of advertising or a rock star in marketing. You simply need to be yourself, be excited about the product and ready to rock this business. I’m all in! Are you?