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These are the top five questions I get asked when I’m giving Information about Pink Zebra Home.

1. What is Pink Zebra?

Pink Zebra Home is a direct sales company specializing in home fragrance. Founded in Sept, 2011 we just celebrated our second anniversary. As we are quickly leaving the ground floor stage there has never been a better time to join. If you don’t feel the urgency, you should. :) You definitely want to join before the momentum stage begins.

2. What would I sell?

When you join Pink Zebra you will be selling a variety of home fragrance products. Our main product is our soft soy wax Sprinkles. They are tiny wax bits that fill your room with fragrance when melted in a warmer. We have a variety of warmers including Simmering Pots (small hot-plate-style warmers) and various Simmering Lights (lights and warmer in one).

3. Where does the soy in your wax come from?

Pink Zebra uses soy that is grown in the US with the majority coming from Indiana!

4. Why should I join Pink Zebra?

Pink Zebra offers everything you need in a direct sales company. You’ll get a ground floor opportunity, unique products and consumable products so people will come back for more!

5. What do you mean by ground floor opportunity?

Ground Floor means the company is still in the beginning stages. Ground floor lasts 24-30 months. For you it means most of your friends and family haven’t even heard of Pink Zebra yet. It means there aren’t many (if any) consultants in your town. It means you can be the first to start selling in your area and as others start to hear about it and join they’ll end up under you on your team. Ground floor means you won’t have to fight saturation. Some companies have over 200,000 consultants, we have just over 11,000. After a few more years, we will have over 200,000 as well…joining now while we’re at the ground floor level means several hundred or thousand could end up under you! Ground floor means you can be one of those consultants that you hear about who ‘got in early and makes the big bucks.’ Starting now, building your team and customer base will set you up for huge success in the near future.

It’s simple. This is the opportunity you’ve been hoping for. We have a product that people want, 80% of homes use home fragrances. We have price points that people can afford, our Sprinkles are $8 per jar…they’ll get 120 hours of melting time from that one jar. We have consumable products that they’ll come back for making the sales easier for you. Finally, we offer you the chance to get in before the majority of people have even heard of it!

If you’re here, googling Pink Zebra and reading this post…you’re among a very small percentage of people who have heard of Pink Zebra. Count yourself blessed, join and enjoy this chance to be at the top of an amazing company.



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