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Find Your Fragrance Pink Zebra Sprinkles

BLUEBERRY MUFFIN:!!! Just wait until you try Pink Zebra Sprinkles in the Blueberry Muffin fragrance!! All I can say is, you get the fragrant benefits of baking all day without any work or calories! These blue sprinkles are amazing and beautiful while melting! They will fill your entire level and often even spread to the second level of your home if you have one.

The scent reminds me of blueberry muffins with a hint of a sweet maple fragrance almost like blueberry pancakes!

It is a delicious scent! This is a customer favorite and definitely a favorite in our house as well. If you’re looking for our strongest sprinkles I would definitely put this in the top five. Usually I suggest using a tablespoon at a time but with blueberry muffin I have found even a teaspoon does the trick! This is a great fragrance to find!

PInk Zebra Sprinkles Blueberry Muffin (Image)
If you love to fill your home with the warmth of an apple pie baking in the oven this fragrance is for you! It ha touches of cinnamon and apple with a hint of spice. It is a hit and sure to be pleasing to you and your family as well. These sprinkles are deep red in color and provide a very strong scent that will fill your entire level. People will think you’ve been baking when they walk through the door. It’s definitely one of my faves.

CAKE BATTER: If you like the small of real cake batter you will love this! Pink Zebra Cake Batter Sprinkles smell just like vanilla cake batter. It is a little milder than blueberry muffin and warm apple pie so it’ll be perfect if you prefer a softer tone of fragrance. It will still fill your entire room and leave you satisfied with a sweet smell of grandma’s kitchen. Cake Batter Sprinkles are a creamy color and mix well with many fragrances, you can use them to tone down the Blueberry Muffin or even in the Coffee Buzz to add a creamy sweet note to that fragrance!

Cake Batter Pink Zebra Sprinkles (Image)

OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE: This fragrance from Pink Zebra offers an awesome scent of cookies baking with a touch of sweet raisin. It truly is oatmeal raisin cookies! The scent will fill your entire level and maybe even filter to your second level if you have one. Talk about comfort food! These sprinkles deliver with zero calories! Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Sprinkles are an off-white/light tan color.


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