Pink Zebra Sprinkles Pack a Huge Punch!

Pink Zebra Sprinkles – Strong Fragrance

Pink Zebra’s Sprinkles pack a huge punch! They are tiny wax bits but boy are they packing a huge punch of fragrance!

I’ve had several surprised customers lately! It is incredible that just a spoonful of these little sprinkles can literally fill an entire floor of your home with your favorite fragrance. I’ve had several tell me the scent even made its way upstairs from the warmer downstairs. Sprinkles pack a huge punch by even put off the scent once the warmer is off!

I have several customers who are loyal to a popular chain candle company who have said our Sprinkles are just as good and even better than their favorite candles that they used to buy. Sprinkles pack a huge punch of fragrance and it’s time  you try them! See for yourself! You won’t be disappointed in these little bits of power! You can buy them in a carton size now! Find your favorite fragrance and you can get 4 jars for the price of 3 by buying a carton of Sprinkles. There are several fragrances to choose from and they come with an adorable little scoop! You’ll love the punch of fragrance you’ll get when you open your carton!


Pink Zebra got it right when they created Sprinkles and candles with our proprietary soy wax blend. Our fragrances truly smell like their name. I’ve smelled several candles that claim to have an apple smell but our red delicious apple sprinkles truly do smell just like a red delicious apple. Our orange dreamsicle smells so much like it that you can almost taste it! Cinnamon Spice Sprinkles smell just like red hots candy! Heat don’t eat! :)

They say some of the best gifts come in small packages…that couldn’t be more true with our Sprinkles…Sprinkles pack a huge punch of fragrance in each tiny bit!


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